The Network of Community Schools for Girls in Afghanistan (Daricha) emerged in response to the Taliban’s ban on women’s education and work. Daricha is an independent organisation that aims to educate girls in Afghanistan through homeschooling, also known as “underground schools.”

A group of female schoolteachers currently in the country and Hazrat Wahriz, who lives in exile, took the initiative to establish Daricha. The Director and teachers at our community schools are committed to creating a supportive and engaging learning environment where students can develop their intellectual and creative abilities.
Currently, Daricha operates in the following modes:

  • Daricha schools operating in seven provinces of Afghanistan are crucial in empowering young girls who may not otherwise have access to education due to political and social barriers. In fact, underground schools are currently the only option to provide secondary education for girls in Afghanistan. Our underground schools offer regular in-person classes in the provinces where the network is active, and there is an enabling environment to hold classes. Daricha has over 4000 students and 110 qualified teachers in provinces where regular in-person courses are being held, and the number of students enrolling in in-person classes is growing every day. The curriculum consists of core school subjects and specialised courses on various topics to equip students with essential academic knowledge and critical thinking skills.
  • Daricha also offers online classes to girls who have access to the internet in Afghanistan.
  • Daricha offers Farsi language classes to children living outside of Afghanistan to enable them to connect with their cultural roots while living in exile.

Despite the challenges our teachers, parents, and students face in Afghanistan, they are determined to make a difference in their communities for a better future. These initiatives are not only providing education and skills to those who need it most but also helping to break down societal barriers and pave the way for a more inclusive and equitable society in Afghanistan.

Daricha School At Glance

Current Enrollments
Qualified Female Teachers
Secret Schools

Daricha's members

Hazrat Wahriz
Founder and CEO
Hazrat Wahriz is a writer, linguist, educator, and activist, born in 1971 in Afghanistan. He pursued his education in diverse institutions, commencing with a Labour School in 1989. In 1996, he earned an MA in pedagogy with a specialization in linguistics from Pyatigorsk State Linguistic University in the Russian Federation. Hazrat initiated his professional journey as a journalist for Afghan Diaspora papers in Russia. Subsequently, he served as a cultural attaché of the Afghan Embassy in Moscow and as minister counsellor of the Afghan Embassy in Seoul. Furthermore, he held positions as the head of the Centre for Strategic Studies and the Institute of Diplomacy at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Afghanistan. Alongside his diplomatic endeavors, Hazrat taught Russian literature at Kabul University and Farsi literature at Gawharshad University in Kabul. His dedication to education led him to establish online classes for Afghan children residing abroad, facilitating their learning of their native language during the COVID-19 pandemic. Particularly notable is Hazrat's steadfast commitment to education and women's rights, underscored by his response to the Taliban's ascension in Afghanistan in 2021. In response to the Taliban's prohibition on girls' education, Hazrat initiated clandestine educational initiatives in several provinces, exclusively employing female educators. The proliferation of such schools is ongoing, with Hazrat assembling a team of authors to develop a comprehensive curriculum, a revised iteration of the previous educational framework. Beyond his diplomatic and educational pursuits, Hazrat Wahriz is a prolific author and translator, with his works published in various countries, including Russia, Afghanistan, Iran, Japan, and Vietnam. His literary oeuvre, spanning languages such as Russian, Farsi, Pashto, Uzbeki, Japanese, and Vietnamese, has garnered widespread acclaim and readership. Presently, he resides in Canada, continuing his multifaceted endeavours.
Musa Zafar
Deputy Director - Volunteer
Musa Zafar is a prominent human rights advocate from Afghanistan. He has worked as Human Rights Investigator for Afghanistan Human Rights Commission, Child Protection Officer for United Nations mission in Afghanistan and South Sudan and Complaints Manager with the Human Rights Commission in Fiji. He is an expert in child protection in the context of armed conflict. As a UN officer, he has worked tirelessly to protect children from sexual abuse, recruitment in armed forces and armed groups, release and re-integration of children, protection of schools and hospitals and protection of humanitarian agencies. Working with child survivors, he has gained the experience of consoling traumatized children and exploring referral mechanisms. As a writer, Musa has worked with several prominent newspapers, magazines and tv channels as a content creator, editor, and columnist. His writings also include stories for children in the satire genre. He is currently contributing to our Daricha Magazine. He is seen at as a fugleman by the new generation of writers in Afghanistan.
Monica Saghar
Monica, originally from Afghanistan living in exile, has achieved notable success in the field of Computer Science. She holds an honorary degree in Computer Science from San Jose State University and is currently employed as a Software Engineer at a renowned company in Silicon Valley. Throughout her journey, Monica has been a strong advocate for women in STEM and leadership, serving as a member of the merit-based society, Phi Kappa Phi and Coding and Robotics Head Coach in girl’s STEM camps. Her passion for mastering the nuances of computer language and becoming a leader in a field largely absent of female minorities has fueled her desire to transfer her knowledge of leadership and STEM to the girls in Afghanistan. Monica is passionate about helping to empower them through education and leadership opportunities. She recognizes the unique challenges they face in pursuing careers in STEM and hopes to inspire them to persevere and succeed. She is grateful for the opportunity to give back to her homeland and contribute to the growth and development of its future generations.
Shafaq Rahimi
Shafaq Rahimi is a member of the Daricha School community, serving as a volunteer advisor with a background in the legal and human rights fields. He earned his Master of Advanced Studies in Transitional Justice, Human Rights and Rule of Law from the Geneva Academy, and has been involved in social and political activism inside and outside Afghanistan. Currently working for the law firm Addleshaw Goddard Ireland in Dublin, Shafaq brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to Daricha. He is fluent in Farsi, Pashto, English, and Turkish. As a right to education activist, Shafaq's insights and expertise help guide the school in its mission to provide quality education. His commitment to social causes makes him an integral part of our team.
Arezo Rahimi
Arezo Rahimi is journalist and storyteller from Afghanistan driven by a passion for amplifying voices. Born and raised in Kabul, she embarked on her journalistic journey as an intern at the Etilaatroz newspaper, learning from experienced professionals in the field. As a female journalist and photographer, Arezo was determined to highlight the experiences of women of Afghanistan, giving them a platform to share their stories. Her commitment to human rights led her to transition into freelance journalism, where she could focus on bringing to light the narratives that showcased the struggles and resilience of her countrymen. Arezo's articles, published across various media platforms, have shed light on the challenges faced by women in Afghanistan, resonating with readers worldwide. She hopes these will start important conversations and foster understanding. Currently residing in Ireland, Arezo continues to pursue her passion for learning. She holds a Diploma in Journalism and Media and is currently working towards a Higher National Diploma in Journalism and Creative Content. She firmly believes that education broadens perspectives and deepens our understanding of the world and that is exactly what Daricha School is doing. At Daricha, Arezo serves as an editor of Daricha Magazine and administers Daricha’s social media accounts. She also represents Daricha School in Ireland. Balancing multiple roles, Arezo manages her studies alongside her work as a freelance journalist and interpreter/translator for various organizations in Ireland. Arezo's journey is a testament to resilience, determination, and the belief that every voice deserves to be heard.